If you are already a virgin media customer and you are moving to a new home, you can make a virgin change of address notification through iammoving.com. When you send this notification, you will be notifying virgin to cancel your subscription from your old address and to stop billing you.

Send a Virgin change of address notification simply by registering with iammoving.com and selecting to notify Virgin media and clicking send.

If you already have an iammoving.com account and are logged in then you can add Virgin to your change of address notifications by selecting them here. Using iammoving.com you can also notify over 1500 other organisations completely free online. We also guarantee never to sell or abuse your data.

Setting up Virgin for your new home

To find out if Virgin media through cable is available in your new area, or to compare the best Virgin deals in your new home call us on

0161 464 60 88 or 0161 464 60 99

or request a callback by emailing customer.care@iammoving.com

Creating a new account only takes a few minutes and will mean that you can get the latest offers and discounts for your new home and could mean you will pay less.

Remember Virgin special offers are only in place for a short time; as such it is best to set up your account for your new home as soon as possible.