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4 Weeks until you move

Time management
  • Arrange a day or two off work to concentrate on your move - you'll need it...
  • Ensure you give sufficient notice to your landlord or letting agent if you rent.
  • Mark important dates on a calendar.
  • Removal companies get booked up fast so if you are using a professional company then book early. - visit for free removal quotes from reputable companies.
  • Selecting the right removal firm to go with can be quite tricky, has lists of removal companies that come recommended for your peace of mind.
  • Take down fitted items that are coming with you - shelves, light fixtures, mirrors, brackets, etc.
  • You'll need plenty of packing boxes, so be sure to order early, visit to order them. They do all shapes and sizes.
  • Check with your home contents insurer to see if you are covered by them during the move.
  • If you have any parking restrictions at either address, contact the local authority to arrange for parking suspension. Remember a removal lorry can be as large as a double-decker bus and needs extra space to park.
General tips
  • Start using up frozen and tinned food.
  • Draw up a plan of where you want furniture to go in the new house.
  • Get your car serviced, especially if you're moving far away.
  • Book a hotel if you think you'll need one during the move.
Children & pets
  • Arrange for a friend or relative to help look after your children on moving day.
  • Visit the shop below for free children?s games and entertainment.
  • Book pets into kennels/catteries or arrange for friends/relatives to look after them during the move.
  • Get your new address engraved on pet collars and make sure that they are properly identified. Join the Petlog service from the Kennel Club or you can download the application form by clicking here.

2 Week until you move

Pre-move checks
  • Confirm arrival times with your removal company.
  • Arrange the professional disconnection of gas cookers and any other appliances that you are taking with you.
  • Cancel deliveries of paper, milk, etc., and pay off any outstanding accounts.
  • Return any library books and items borrowed from friends and neighbors.
  • Put all your documents and valuables in a single safe place.
Notify organisations
  • Now is the best time to start making online notifications with you can notify all the below organisations plus many more...

Nectar, Boots, Tesco Clubcard... TV Licensing, DVLA, Local Council...
British Gas, Scottish Power... BT, Vodafone, Talk Talk, Orange...
Abbey, Nationwide, HSBC... Cancer Research, Asthma, National Blood Service...

Energy & services
  • offers you the unique service of finding the cheapest energy supplier in your new area. When you move to a new home the supplier automatically places that property on the most expensive tariff. We can switch you to the cheapest supplier and lowest tariff and save you up to?700, depending on the size of your new home. We are different from standard switching sites because they base their estimates on your previous supplier, when moving home this is not possible. We use a unique calculator that doesn?t require a previous supplier to find the cheapest energy provider.
  • Moving home is the best time to change your broadband supplier if you are not happy with them.
  • Visit Virgin Media for the best deals on broadband in your new area.
Other people to tell
  • Tell your employer.
  • Inform your stockbroker and/or companies in which you own shares.
  • Inform your existing doctor, dentist, optician (and private medical care provider) and research new ones close to where you?re moving. NHS services can be useful to find specialists.
  • Think about whether you need a change of address card printed to send to friends and family, or use's free ecard service.

1 Week until you move

3 Days until you move
  • Pack a bag with a change of clothes, essential toiletries and a 'survival kit' for your new home. Take things like light bulbs, fuses, tools, loo roll, candles, matches, cash, phone charger and a list of important telephone numbers.
  • Do your last-minute laundry.
  • Check where you get the keys for your new home.
  • If you are taking plants with you, move all outdoor plants and furniture into a dry area like the garage so that they can dry out and stay dry. Don't forget they will put all your garden furniture and plants in the van with your house furniture, you don't want them to get your other items wet.
2 Days until you move
  • Empty, defrost and dry out your fridge/freezer if you're planning to put it in storage for any length of time.
  • Seal packets, bottles or jars with tape to prevent any spillage.
  • Make sure there will be enough space for removal vans at both addresses.
  • Sort out lift access if you live in flats.
1 Day until you move
  • Prepare food and drink for moving day: tea/coffee, juice, fruit, bread, cheese and things like pasties. Don't forget some plates, cups, cutlery, a sharp knife and the kettle. And how about a bottle of wine to celebrate?? The Sunday Times wine club offers discounts on champagne and wines.
  • Prepare plants for travel.
  • Fully charge your mobile phone.
  • Get a good night's sleep.
Move day
  • Settle the kids in with their carer if they have one. If not, set up a room that contains their toys and a few treats. Give older children specific tasks, like packing their own personal box.
  • Strip the beds and keep the linen handy so you can pull it out for the first night in the new house.
  • Once the van is loaded, walk around the house with a member of the removal team to check you've got everything you want in the van. One of the most common items which are left behind are clocks.
  • Take the meter readings in your old and new homes.
  • Give the removal team a full tour of the house when they arrive.
  • Don't try and unpack everything today, order a take-away and relax you can find the nearest local takeaways online at the
  • Shopping even for the basics can be a real chore when coordinating a home move. Visit to get groceries delivered directly to your door.