The service lets you redirect your mail online for over 1500 organisations completely free. This service is useful for if you are moving home permanently, for periods of over a month, or if you want your mail going to another address. You can use the site for as many moves as you like as many times as you like. guarantee never to sell or abuse your data

Using to redirect your post is simple; you just register here and then start selecting the organisations you want to notify that you are moving to a new address. You can redirect mail for everyone from your local council to your electricity supplier, gas supplier , Tesco clubcard to the DVLA and TV licensing.


We have been in partnership with organisations on our site for several years, all guaranteeing they update your change of address notifications if sent through us, including many of the big organisations such as:

Informing friends family and contacts also provides a free e-card service that lets you easily tell your friends, family and other important contacts that your address has changed. You can send e-cards here once you have registered with

How does the redirection work?

When you register with, select and send a redirection notification to an organisation, the organisation will be informed of your old address, your new address and the date that you are moving out and in. The majority of mail redirections can be sent online directly to the organisations, however for security reasons a number of organisation require a printed downloadable form (namely banks), for your convenience this form has all your moving information populated along with the address for the organisation to post to. ?

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