iammoving.com provides the easiest way to notify your local council about moving to a new home. Our service automatically selects the correct council to notify based on your post code and sends the notification electronically. If you are moving to an area covered by a new council a notification will be sent to inform them of your change of address in their area.

Sending a notification to your local council is easy once you have registered with iammoving.com here. You simply type in council tax on the organisations search box and select the council tax change of address option.

Your local council is one of the most important organisations to inform about your change of address. If you do not send your council tax change of address notification as soon as possible, you can accumulate costs for your old property along with potentially getting fined for missed payments.

Council tax bands

Moving address can significantly alter the amount you pay on your council tax, as you may be moving in to a higher or lower council tax band area. Council tax bands are worked out based on a value of your property (as of 1st april 1991) and determine the amount of council tax you pay.

Council Tax Band Property value in England
A up to £40,000
B over £40,000 and up to £52,000
C over £52,000 and up to £68,000
D over £68,000 and up to £88,000
E over £88,000 and up to £120,000
F over £120,000 and up to £160,000
G over £160,000 and up to £320,000
H over £320,000

When using iammovng.com if you select to notify your council that you are moving home, the correct councils will be displayed based on your moving from and moving to post code. If you are moving to a new area or a different property band, then your council should be in touch to inform you of any changes to your council tax bill.

Council tax discounts and benefits

There are a number of circumstances whereby you can claim a discount on your council tax, these include but are not limited to if you are living alone, or if you have a registered disability or are a student in full time education.

For detailed information about your council tax change of address click here.

For more information regarding council tax benefits click here.

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