To successfully notify organisations of your change of address, here's some helpful hints.

Remember pink boxes are mandatory and must be completed - they'll turn green when you've entered the correct information.

Register an account with


Start by registering for a account by clicking on the “sign in button”. When on the “sign in” page click the button labelled “Register”.

You will then be presented with the “registration” page which will prompt you to Fill in a few details about yourself in order to open an account.

Once you have filled in your details then go on to click the “Create Account” button.

Validate your account by clicking the link in the email we send you out.

After filling in your details you will then be presented with the “account confirmation” page. You will be prompted to check your email inbox and click the validation link on the email we have sent you.

Your account will now be live

Validate your email address.

Now your account is live, you be prompted to fill in a few more details about your home move.

When you have completed the required information you are then ready to start selecting organisations

Add the address you're moving from, the one you're moving to, and your moving dates.

You will now be presented with the “organisations” page. You can either search for each of the organisations you want to notify by using the search box, or select your organisations by category.

For each organisation you add you will be prompted to fill in a number of details relevant to your account. Once you have entered the required details you can then either send straight away, or add them to your list to fill in extra details at a later date or send together with all your other organisations.


Notify the organisations.


When you have selected all of the organisations you want to notify, entered all the requested details and saved them to your list, you can then send them off.

Simply click the flashing # organisations to notify link on the top right of the page and you will be presented with your organisations list. From your organisations list you can amend details, send notifications individually, delete companies from your list or send all of your notifications at once.

When you are happy that all your details are complete, you can then send off your notifications all at once or individually. – remember you can add any new organisations at any time.