iammoving.com the free online change of address service lets you easily notify any UK bank or building society that you are changing address. To make sure that your details are completely secure we help you notify banks by giving you a prewritten addressed downloadable form ready for you to post.

You can notify your bank about your change of address by registering here.
iammoving.com also lets you notify over 1500 other organisations online for free!

iammoving.com guarantee never to sell or abuse your data

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We have been in partnership with organisations on our site for several years, all guaranteeing they update your change of address notifications if sent through us, including many of the big organisations such as:

Here are some of the more popular banks you can notify:


You can make a change of address HSBC notification by registering with iammoving.com and then adding HSBC to your change of address list here.
People have used our service to send change of address notifications securely to HSBC for over 5 years.

Lloyds TSB

To make a change of address Lloyds TSB notification all you need to do is register for free and add Lloyds TSB to your change of address list here.
Your data is completely secure, when using iammoving.com, we guarantee never to sell or abuse any or your information.


You can add a change of address Natwest notification to your list by adding them here.


You can? make a change of address Halifax notification by adding them to your list here.